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Property Management Services for Vancouver Developers

We listen to your objectives and help you through the planning, set-up and ongoing management of your projects.


  • Utilizing our extensive database, we assist in developing reasonable budgets used to represent operating expenses to buyers in your projects.
  • Procurement of supplier services to your developments that are in keeping with the budget.
  • Consultant recommendations.
  • Organization of contracts, building plans, disclosures, bylaws and other records required by legislation to be provided to the strata corporation.


  • Implementation of contracted services.
  • Bank accounts, accounting records, maintenance fee collection and common property maintenance disbursements.
  • Maintenance of common area keys.
  • Provision of disclosures and other documents requested by buyers or their representatives.
  • Management of common property to the first annual general meeting.
  • Arrangements and attendance at the first annual general meeting of the new owners.
  • Addressing inquiries from suppliers, owners and their real estate and legal consultants.

Ongoing Management
Superior professional management services to the strata corporation that reflects positively on the quality of the development you have constructed for your clients.