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Property Management – Why Choose Us

C&C Property Group Ltd. has been providing property management services since 1996 in the Greater Vancouver area.

At C&C Property Group Ltd, we understand that our clients are seeking a high degree of both expertise and service. We understand that accuracy, competency, and accountability are very important.

Experienced Property Managers

Our staff is closely supervised.  The working environment in our offices is friendly, cooperative and efficient. Our staff brings high level, diverse experience, allowing us to operate with fewer staff members than conventional firms. Our property managers are well supported.  Staff portfolios are monitored and difficulties addressed promptly. We work with our staff to ensure that portfolios are of a workable size and sufficiently diverse to allow our managers to experience success and remain motivated.

C&C Property Group Ltd. employs a Certified General Accountant to oversee the accounting cycle for each client.


Join Property Management Buying Groups

C&C Property Group Ltd. provides property management services to clients of all sizes and degrees of complexity.

C&C Property Group Ltd. offers the opportunity for clients to participate in voluntary buying groups for major products and services such as garbage collection and insurance. This can lead to substantial savings for the client as well as greatly increased service levels from these providers.

Manage Building Renovation & Legal Issues

C&C Property Group Ltd. does offer Project Administration Services to clients and has successfully managed very large, complex projects for our clients. We are capable of guiding our client through complete building restoration projects. We are well networked and have direct experience working with engineering and legal professionals that are suitable for projects that are both large and small.