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The following is a list of “unsolicited testimonials” on our property management services:

I just wanted to say, as I have worked with numerous property management companies over the years, both professionally and personally as an owner, that you are the most efficient and effective that I have encountered, which is a rare find.  So many are unavailable and unresponsive, however you have been a pleasure to work with.


AD – North Vancouver

I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that all is going very well with ….. our property manager. We had out second meeting with her, our pre-AGM + Budget meeting, and it went well.
There seem to be no outstanding issues and the building is running efficiently. From my perspective, this is AMAZING – I am not getting any emails or calls from owners, and I do not have to chase someone down to find out what is happening.

I am so happy we selected your company for our property management.

MS – Vancouver has been a pleasure dealing with you and C&C over the last nine years and we appreciate the service that you have provided to the strata.

TB – West Vancouver

I just want to reiterate just how much we appreciate (all the owners) the time and effort you put in to retrieve information as a result of the many questions we put forth to you.

You’re the best.  Thanks ever so much.

BA – North Vancouver

Thanks for all your patience and time. We don’t take it for granted!

You are a great communicator and wonderfully responsive, so this will be a great working relationship in my eyes.

LV -Vancouver

I am particularly grateful for your helpfulness in modifying and explaining the financial statement over the year so that now I think I actually understand them.

Thanks again for your flexibility and diligence.

North Vancouver GW

thank you for explaining and also for your continuous help.

West Vancouver JR

Only too happy to have you on OUR side!

ER Squamish

Your work is outstandingly good!

RW North Vancouver

It has always been a pleasure to work with (C&C Property Group). Your professionalism, attention to detail and follow up has been appreciated.

JW West Vancouver