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» Property Management: FAQs

Property Management: FAQs

Questions for Property Managers

What should I do if I have a complaint about my neighbour?
When your neighbour’s behavior is affecting you adversely and in contravention of the by-laws, our managers will always first encourage you to approach your neighbour in a non-confrontational manner and try to discuss your concerns. This often rectifies the problem. By talking to your neighbor, there is a good chance that the interaction will strengthen the community you live in by fostering open dialogue between neighbors. Most times, people are not aware that they are causing a disturbance.

If you are uncomfortable talking to your neighbour, or you find that the problem is continuing after you have discussed the matter with your neighbour, you should let your Strata Council know by writing to them. Be specific about the behaviour in question.

Your Strata Council or board of directors requires a written complaint in order to act. Send the correspondence through your property manager.

Some issues are not Strata related; they may be best acted upon by your local police or RCMP. Your Strata Council can only enforce the by-laws that pertain to your strata corporation. For cases that fall outside the scope of the by-laws or are matters of immediate safety, ongoing safety or unlawful nuisance, please contact a law enforcement agency directly.

I’m selling or refinancing my unit. How do I request documents?
If you require documents, please visit Forms / Documents. There you will find an appropriate order form. Please note that documents are subject to fees. Fees are substantially lower if they are ordered at least seven days before they are required.

To sign up for pre-authorized debt payments, please print and fill out a copy of the pre-authorized payment form. Submit it to our offices by fax or mail. If you forward this form after the 26th of any month, it may not be received in time to include you on the next month’s PAD. In this case, please phone our office and make arrangements to pay the missed month by cheque.

How can I request a proposal for management?
You can request a proposal easily by filling out the request proposal form. Your information will be automatically forwarded to our offices. We will review it and contact you.

What types of properties do you manage?
We manage Strata, Fractional Interest and Co-operative properties of all sizes. We manage bare land strata, mixed residential and commercial developments, wood frame, and concrete construction buildings. We manage properties throughout the Greater Vancouver Area; however, our service to smaller clients fills a niche in the marketplace. Remember: each and every one of our clients is important.

What should I do if there is an After Hours emergency?
At C&C Property Group we operate a 24-hour emergency number that allows you to make contact with a property manager in the event of an emergency. If there is an emergency and our office is closed, please call our regular office number and you will be directed to our after hours emergency number.

Do I need insurance for my unit?
The best approach is to ask your property manager for a copy of the coverage summary for your strata, co-operative or fractional interest corporation. You can then take this summary to your insurance broker for proper advice. We recommend that all unit owners carry personal property and liability coverage as a minimum.

Where can I get a copy of the strata plan?
If you require a copy of the strata plan, please order your own copy from the Land Titles office. We have copies here for use in our general day to day operations but we always recommend ordering directly from the Land Titles office, as that is the definitive source of information in this matter.

Do you know the square footage of my unit?
Owners should note that we do not keep this information on file. From time to time, we may have this information available but we are not able to quote it. Sometimes this information is filed at the Land Titles Office as part of the Strata Plan. Nothing replaces actual measurements for accuracy as we have noted errors in filed Strata Plans from time to time.

What is included in my maintenance fee payment?
For Strata Corporations, your maintenance fee amount is calculated using the unit entitlement share of your strata lot. You are paying monthly for your share of the regular annual maintenance expenses as outlined in your annual budget. A copy of this budget is generally located in your last Notice of Meeting for your Strata Corporation’s Annual General Meeting or in those meeting minutes.

If your building is older, requiring substantial maintenance as a result, or if you live in a Strata Corporation that has many amenities and conveniences such as elevators, fountains, pools, gardens, caretakers or high maintenance systems, you can reasonably expect your maintenance fees to be higher than buildings that are not faced with these issues.

I am an owner in a building you manage but not on Council. can I talk to the property manager?
Yes, of course you can. If it is more appropriate to discuss your concern with Council, we will help you contact the correct person. We are available to answer general questions and queries as well as more specific ones.  Our property managers want to help.