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September 9, 2014

Worksafe BC – Strata Corporation Management

Worksafe BC  – Strata Corporation Management

Worksafe BC (“WBC”)

C & C Property Group Ltd. is committed to an industry best management and risk mitigation approach that is efficient, effective and relationship responsive. Our objective is to ensure client properties of coverage for performed services.

For properties that manage their own contracting activities, it’s important to be aware of the risks and traps that can result from insufficient Vendor oversight.  In order of probability:

  • Administrative burden; having to follow up for a Vendor’s information.
  • Liability for a Vendor’s WBC premiums. Even when intentional, this may attract an employer’s responsibility to ensure a safe work environment, and all that implies if there is an accident.
  • The coverage itself may be absent, and this is where understanding WBC’s clearance categories comes in.

A Clearance Letter is a document obtained from WBC that ostensibly protects the payer from liability for unpaid assessments.

Now imagine the following scenario: A Vendor has not been active, nor had WBC coverage for several years, so they re-register and receive a status of “Active and in good standing”. Based on a Clearance Letter stating this, the person is paid for the work. The due date comes and the premiums are not paid, and the person’s status transitions to “Delinquent”, followed by “Cancelled”.

Clearly, the Strata corporation may be on the hook for these premiums.

When you do not have the advantage of full management behind you, these are some guidelines that should be taken help the Strata manage its exposure:

  • Advise vendors of your standards of engagement at the outset, and ensure they know that to considered, they must provide the documentation promptly
  • The onus should remain with them to supply the documentation, and Clearance Letters, including when changes in their status occur, so that your administrative burden is minimized
  • Consider signing up for WBC’s Clearance Alert service
  • Above all, be sure you understand the risks and implications of using a Vendor who is not covered by WBC, including obtaining legal advice, and consider how an employer’s responsibility to ensure a safe work environment is being addressed.

Further information about worker safety and employer/strata corporation responsibility consider contacting Worksafe BC at 604-231-888 or visit them at their website,

C & C Property Group Ltd. provides property management services to strata corporations in the Metro Vancouver area.



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